If you want to learn how to speak Korean you must consider Korean language learning software to determine if it is the best choice of approach for you. All the above are excellent tips for how to learn Korean fast, but without specific goals you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the new information you're taking in. Set SMART goals to create a… Read More

We've all been there - adjusting to a new time zone with headaches, nausea, disorientation, insomnia or exhaustion. A tiny part of the brain called the hypothalamus acts like an alarm clock to activate various body functions such as hunger, thirst , and sleep It also regulates body temperature, blood pressure , and the level of hormones and glucose… Read More

Marvel Comics first introduced the character of Ant-Man in 1962 with the publication of Tales to Astonish #27. The action (improved by the fact that more things than the protagonist are allowed to grow and shrink this time around) and the VFX work are occasionally sublime, and around the time that Pym heads into the microscopic world in a little cr… Read More

Hi, my name is Jasmin Rhia and I am on a plan to prevent suicide and self harm among the youth. I just got back from women Rock Camp in Atlanta, a music therapy plan that teaches ladies to love and better themselves through the strength of music and self affirmation. I was touched by the effect it made on these girls. After going back to the commun… Read More

Get the most out of your 3D models when prepping for print, and avoid costly mistakes. As a digital designer, I knew if I wanted to be able to take my ZBrush sculptures into the real world, I needed a high resolution printer that could capture the fine details of my sculpts so I could use my prints as masters for molding or directly as one-off prod… Read More