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Have a new branding project on your plate and little time to spare? This strategic and broad approach to brand identity design sets your client's project up for success. The Google G is directly derived from the logotype ‘G,' but uses increased visual weight to stand up at small sizes and contexts where it needs to share space with other elements.

Additionally, given you're dealing with visual material that is more open to interpretation, be sure to use your research and findings to support your design direction, decisions and to ensure your client has a clear understanding of how you've arrived at the point you're at.

We set the visual brand as a priority at the time of starting our business, because of the positive impression we'd get when a company (especially a small one) that had a professionally defined visual brand reached out to us. This proved that somebody cares about their business, and invested additional time in shaping their approach toward their users.

The first step in a brand identity project is to become educated about the project. Repeat this process to create the business card, with measurements to 85mm (w) x 55mm (h). A color palette is an instant mood-giver for your brand design. As I mentioned in the visual explorations post, I had a bit of a head start on our color palette since the mood board had a lot of great jumping off points.

To receive the expected results, the company has to set the priorities and values at the start point so that the crew working on branding could see which way to go. They do not necessarily need to be defined and used for all the cycle of brand existence.

F.I.: I think it's the whole brand identity, when you create everything that you conceive for that brand. Again, what we're doing is for people, there are universal ideas and themes, so not doing your research and missing something like that can bring on a lawsuit for the company… and that could come back and bite you.

Their confident old logo and visual branding can be seen above. In conversation with the client, who knows their own field best, we review the advantages of every solution and arrive together at a preferred logo design. Our discovery process gets to the core of a business or organization and allows the Brevity team, and our clients alike, to better understand the needs of the project and make smart decisions to move forward.

When the goals are set and a company's personality seems clear, designers go to the research work. Branding is a long journey with some bumpy roads and dead ends, however once you and your client get to the finish line you'll appreciate the research and hard work you did ahead of time.

When we design a logo we make sure you are part of the process. And then, generally speaking… I think that our mistakes arise when we break up from our process and when we start to say We don't need to do this much research” or Let's just jump into sketching before we've had a full talk with the client.

The comment from Glenn Taylor When it looks right, it is right” is probobly the mantra of many designers (and signwriters) but it is entirely subjective. The guidelines will come in pdf form and will cover your logo, color palette, font pairing recommendations, brand rationale, and other brand assets.

I have two more blog posts coming up for the brand design package process (more detailed one) and the first one will be about just design process (this one would be about the entire process from inquiry to launch) and what is included in the package (deliverables) and the second post will be about the project timeline, where I share how I design brand in 2 weeks , so you'll have an inside look what I do each day of the 2 week period.

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